Playa Flamingo

Lanzarote, Canary Islands



Playa Flamingo

Located in Lanzarote’s Playa Blanca region, Flamingo is 200m long sandy beach with easy access for all divers. Proximity to the main road makes it easy to reach, there is limited parking close to the beach. Sheltered by two manmade breakwaters on each side Flamingo is ideal for beginners. Once you reach the opening and swim along the big square rock located on the plateau, casual depth up to 4 meters drops down to 15-16 meters to reach sandy bottom.

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Main stars of the Falmingo are Angel shraks (Squatina squatina), other spieces include:
  • Barracuda,
  • Tuna,
  • Trumpet fish,
  • Jacks,
  • Sting rays,
  • Octopus,
  • Cuttlefish,
  • Sea urchins

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